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Web Toys

Counter - Configuration information for the web counter used on the DoddsNET home page, contains information on how to use this counter on your web page.

Clock - Configuration options to make the web counter work as a clock on a web page.

Date - Configuration options to make the web counter work as a date display on a web page.

Search Notification of Bad Links - Configuration instructions for having your web page checked for bad links automatically on a daily basis.

Chat Toys

Tinyfugue - A MUSH (Multi-User Shared Hallucination) client widely used throughout the Net. Considered in some circles to be the best.

DoddsMUSH - A quick howto on the basics of MUSHes in general, and on DoddsNET's version, DoddsMUSH, in particular.

BitchX - A tutorial guide to using BitchX, an IRC (Internet Relay Chat) client.

Mail Toys

Majordomo mailing lists - Directions to maintain a mailing list at DoddsNET. To create one contact the Majordomo maintainer at DoddsNET

Special pine options - Ways to take advantage of the pine mail reading program to maximize its uses under DoddsNET.

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