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The DoddsNET Systems Group Administration - Pray that the Vorlon finds you first! If Nick Vermeer seeks you out, you will regret it. Too busy making money to work on webpages (capitalist!), we've all but given up on seeing his homepage completed. - Bibek Sahu, the guy who started nearly everyone around here in Linux, is also a system administrator and founder. Check out "Passageway" for original poetry, information on Linux. - Stephen Webb, system administrator, hasn't had the time or energy to complete a page as of yet. What a BAD example for DSG users! BUG HIM ABOUT IT. - Steve Langasek is DoddsNET's very own man in black. Mess up, and the only Vorlon system administrator in known space will seek you out. Steve's page is currently being redone, but you can find a lot of funny things here... - The youngest of the DoddsNET sysadmins (that's linux years, folks), Larry Mestan comes to us from the balmy shores of Lake Michigan, where computer gurus learn the relevance of baseball bats to system maintenance. Page under construction, though growing. - No longer just another user, Sunago has stepped up to keep the books straight. Check out his page for information on religion, science, literature, and humor.

Members With Functional Web Pages - Look here to see Aaron's take on life. Key Club info can be found here. - Enigma's page (obviously) is a mystery... Personal info only. - Michelle Thayer is currently on leave from Dodds while working for IBM. Under renovation. - You can check out his Iowa State Homepage by clicking here. - If you're interested in music or Wallace and Gromit, check out Patty's page. - Link to the petition to save the PPC hardware only. - Information on fishing, the Green Bay Packers, original writings, and dog barbecueing. - BE afraid. Neil's page sports info on sci-fi, computer projects, and "The Mush." - LOTS of volleyball pics here! Brandon's page is something sports lovers shouldn't miss. - In one hand, a camera, in the other hand a syringe... Info on electronics and railfanning. - Jason's page features pages of super-hero graphics and original writings.

Members Currently Without Functional Web Pages - No stranger to enigmas, he poses us one with a page you can't see. - New guy on the block (er, subnet), this red bird of death has... no page. - Things might change! Check back... just in case. - The DoddsNET mascot? No page here yet. - I refuse to make the obvious soup joke here. - Friends Do THAT? ...not yet, they don't. - Where oh where has this little girl gone? - Known for building robots, not HTML, he may have something to show soon. - Be nice, or she'll sic Audrey on you. - Maybe next trip into reality he'll finish. - Look ma, I'm digital! - No page? Maybe someday he'll figure it out... - This is RODIA, NOT rodentia, Nathan... - He has no page, but at least he has the guts to admit it. - No page yet, but coming soon. - Maybe it'll be done sometime in the next millennium, if we're lucky...
tiburó - Another new user, his page is rumoured to be under construction. Give him a little time.. - NO! It's tokamak! NOT takhomasak! - Tony just needs motivation... Don't blame Steve.

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